The Hock

... is the quadruped's equivalent of the human ankle. It's mainly in horses that it's alternatively known as the gambrel.

'Hock' is one of those words that often appear, in quizzes, in questions that start with the words "What word can mean ... " and give several alternative meanings for the same word.

In the case of 'hock', those meanings can include any or all of "the British name for German white wine", "a type of wine bottle, used mainly in Germany and Alsace", "a part of an animal's leg", "a knuckle of meat, especially of pork or ham", or "to leave an item with a pawnbroker". Some of these meanings, obviously, are more closely related than others.

Another classic example is 'flute', which can be a musical instrument, an organ stop imitating that instrument, or a type of drinking vessel – and also a character in A Midsummer Night's Dream.

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