The Power of Love (Huey Lewis Version)

Huey Lewis and the News were intended to be Marty McFly's favourite band, and Lewis was approached by the production team (including Steven Speilberg) to write a theme song for the film. Although flattered, he initially declined, saying he didn't know how to write a theme song and didn't want to write one called Back to the Future. On being told he could write any song he wanted, he agreed to submit the next song he wrote; this turned out to be The Power of Love. The lyrics have no relevance to the film's storyline.

The song appears early in Back to the Future, as Marty McFly (played by Michael J. Fox) skateboards to school. Later in the film, McFly and his band play a hard rock version of the song for a Battle of the Bands audition, at which a judge (played by Huey Lewis) tells Marty's group that they are "just too darn loud". The song is reprised in the sequel, Back to the Future Part II, and briefly near the end of Part III.

The video for The Power of Love, filmed in June 1985 – shortly before the film's release – shows the band playing in a nightclub (Uncle Charlie's, a frequent stop for the band in their early career) with Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) showing up in his DeLorean, apparently after time–travelling, and a couple stealing it for a joy ride. According to Lewis, filming took the entire day and night to complete – the band finishing up at 3:00 AM. The video is included as a bonus feature in several home video releases of Back to the Future.

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