The Blue Notes

Take care if asking this question the other way round. The 16th studio album by the Canadian–born singer–songwriter Neil Young – released in 1988 and entitled This Note's For You – was credited to Neil Young and the Bluenotes. According to Wikipedia, Young toured with the band as The Bluenotes throughout 1988; but after Harold Melvin took legal action, the accreditation of the album was changed to Neil Young and the name of the band was changed to Ten Men Workin'.

Only Neil Young knows how he ever thought he'd get away with it in the first place!

Anyone who answered "Neil Young" to this question could possibly be accused of disingenuity, but it would be a harsh question master that didn't allow them the points (even though the name of Melvin's band had two words and Young's only one). Having said that, it would be quite a well–informed question master who knew about the Neil Young album, so maybe the responsibility should rest with the question setter!

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