Westlife and Their Seven Consecutive No. 1s

According to Wikipedia, Westlife hold a Guinness World Record as the first [act] to achieve seven consecutive number–one singles in the UK.

However ... according to my copy of the Guinness Book of Hit Singles and Albums, the Beatles had a run of seven consecutive UK No. 1s, starting with A Hard Day's Night in July 1964 and ending with Yellow Submarine / Eleanor Rigby in August 1966.

The BBC reported in November 2000 that Westlife had "made pop history by becoming the second act to have seven consecutive singles at the top of the UK chart."

If Wikipedia is correct, Guinness World Records has decided that they were wrong about the Beatles. I don't know why this is; can anyone enlighten me?

If you discount My Bonnie and Ain't She Sweet, both of which were archive tracks released by Polydor, A Hard Day's Night was actually the Beatles' fifth consecutive UK No. 1 single, in a run of eleven – starting with From Me To You in April 1963.

The sixth of Westlife's seven consecutive UK No. 1 singles was Against All Odds, which was credited to Mariah Carey featuring Westlife.

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