Say No to This

This is the only other song in Hamilton (i.e. other than Screenrant's "best six") that I've been asked about. Screenrant ranked it No. 33 (out of 46).

According to Screenrant: "More than any other song in Hamilton, Say No To This has the distinct ring of an unreliable narrator, starting with Aaron Burr's framing of "Alexander's by himself, I'll let him tell it." According to Hamilton's extremely 'Letter to Penthouse' version of the story, he was tired and helpless when a beautiful woman took advantage of his philanthropy to lure him to her bed with her feminine wiles. Much like The Room Where It Happens and Burn, this song acknowledges a gap in our historical knowledge – and exercises appropriate skepticism towards Hamilton's take on what happened."

The best line in Say No to This (according to Screenrant) is "Uh–oh, you made the wrong sucker a cuckold."

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