Victor Kiam

... really did buy the Remington company, in 1979 after his wife bought him his first electric razor.

He was born in New Orleans in 1926, and attended Yale, the Sorbonne, and Harvard Business School. In 1968, after working as a salesman for Lever Brothers and Playtex, he bought a watch company, selling his majority stake in 1977. After buying Remington he became its President and CEO.

In 1988 he bought the New England Patriots NFL team. He was forced to sell his 51% stake four years later, to service a debt. He sold his controlling interest in Remington in 1994.

Following his death in 2001, at the age of 74, he was described by his business associate Jonathan Lyons as "a truly remarkable entrepreneur of the old kind – the kind they simply don't make any more."

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