In the Dad's Army episode The Two and a Half Feathers (Series 4 Episode 8), the platoon are dining (or possibly lunching) at the British Restaurant. Sergeant Wilson orders toad in the hole (despite the fact that he only gets half a toad). Captain Mainwaring orders the fish and potato pie, but when he discovers that the fish is snoek he asks for toad in the hole instead. Private Pike then goes through exactly the same procedure.

(Private Walker then comes in and has a steak, which he's brought in himself; the serving ladies cook it for him in exchange for the knicker elastic which he has also brought in.)

In Series 6 Episode 5 (An Honourable Man), Sergeant Wilson turns up 20 minutes late to an important meeting, and tells Captain Mainwaring that owing to the death of an uncle, he is now the Honourable Arthur Wilson. Not only that, but when the golf club committee heard of this he was immediately invited to join, and the reason for his lateness is that he had lunched there on smoked salmon.

"D'you know what I had for lunch today?" asks an exasperated Captain Mainwaring. "I had a snoek fishcake at the British Restaurant!"

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