Types of Lace

Wikipedia lists over 70 types of lace, in five main categories: Needle lace, Bobbin, Tape, Crocheted, and Machine–made. I think that to list them all on my main Types page would be something of an overkill. Interestingly, I came across a question on this subject in a quiz recently (October 2016) and found that I had exactly the same examples on my Types page; but I can't remember where I herad it before! I did find exactly the same question on a couple of websites – yet another example of the recycling of quiz questions.

Just for the hell of it, I decided to list all of Wikipedia's types on this Info page. If any of them come up in a quiz that comes to my attention, I can always add them to the main page!

Needle Lace: Filet, Punto in Aria, Point de Venise, Point de France, Alençon, Argentan, Argentella, Armenian

Needle Lace, subcategory Knotted Net Lace: Halas, Hollie Point, Point de Gaze, Kenmare, Pag, Youghal

Needle Lace, subcategory Embroidery: Buratto, Filet

Needle Lace, subcategory Embroidery or Knotted Net: Filet Guipure, Filet Richelieu, Reticella, Limerick, Needlerun net, Tambour, Ñandutí, Tenerife

Needle Lace, subcategory Cutwork: Broderie Anglaise, Carrickmacross

Bobbin Lace, subcategory Mesh grounds: Torchon, Freehand, Arras, Bayeux, Blonde, Bucks point, Chantilly, Tønder, Beveren, Lille, Binche, Flanders, Paris, Valenciennes, Antwerp, Mechlin

Bobbin Lace, subcategory Guipure:Geonoese, Bedfordshire, Cluny, Maltese, Yak lace

Bobbin Lace, subcategory Part laces: Honiton, Bruges, Brussels, Rosaline

Bobbin Lace, subcategory Tape: Milanese, Hinojosa, Russian, Idrija, Schneeberg, Peasant

Tape Lace: Mezzopunto, Princess, Renaissance, Battenberg, Romanian point, Branscombe

Crocheted Lace: Broomstik lace, Irish crochet, Hairpin, Filet crochet

Machine–Made Lace: Bobbinet, Leavers, Pusher, Barmen, Curtain Machine, Chemical, Warp Knit

Unclassified: Metal lace, Lace knitting, Macramé, Tatting, Punto a groppo, Sprang

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