The World's Most Populous Countries

On 3 March 2019, the population of India was estimated at 1,344,190,000. China's population was estimated at 50.54 million higher: 1,394,730,000. 50.54 million might sound like a lot in isolation, but the population of China is (or was) actually only 3.76% higher than that of India.

The third most populous country was the USA – a long way behind with 328.79 million.

This information (you will not be surprised to learn) is from Wikipedia, where I was surprised to find that many countries (including these three) have official estimations, in real time, on the Internet.

It was less of a surprise to find that the UK was not one of the countries with an official population clock on the Internet. The best Wikipedia had found for us was an official 'annual' government estimate from June 2017.

For the record, the UK was 22nd on Wikipedia's list at 66,040,229. This is almost six million more than Italy in 23rd place, but only 294,926 fewer than Thailand in 21st and less than one million (952,470) behind France in 20th.

There's little chance of us making 19th in the foreseeable future. Turkey currently holds that spot with 82,003,882 – 24% more than the UK figure.

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