The Three Wives of Juan Perón

Aurelia died of cancer in 1938, aged 30.

Eva Duarte was a successful radio actress before she married Perón. After he became President she virtually ran the health and labour ministries, and did a lot of charitable work. In 1951 she stood for election as vice president, but was opposed by the army and withdrew. She died of cancer soon afterwards, aged 33. Seen as the spiritual leader of Argentina, she was given a state funeral.

Isabel became President of Argentina following Perón's death in 1974 – having served as Vice President for the previous eight months. During her presidency the country was brought to the brink of chaos by labour unrest, isolation and political violence. Accused of corruption, she was formally deposed and arrested in March 1976. After being held under house arrest for five years, she eventually went into exile in Spain. In 2018 she was still living there, aged 87, under a very low profile.

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