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Popular Music Menu

Popular Music Menu

This category covers all forms of popular music, including jazz and musicals.  It includes:

Albums  – just scratching the surface in this subject 
Backing Groups  – given the name of a singer (or in some cases a musician), name his or her backing group 
The Beatles  – the greatest act in the history of popular music (just my opinion, obviously) 
The Business  – the business side of popular music 
Charts (etc.)  
Collaborations  – artists with recording careers in their own right, who have made records with other such 
Dance (popular)  – basically, all forms of dance other than ballet 
Groups  – see also: Singers (and musicians), The Beatles, Backing Groups, Lead Singers, Duos
Instruments  – with which instrument is (or are) ... associated? 
Jazz  – including Theme Tunes (and not just those of jazz artistes) 
Lead Singers  – who is (or was) the lead singer in ... 
Musicals  – see also Songs from the Musicals 
Songs from the Musicals  
One Hit Wonders  
Singers   and musicians, etc.

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