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Natural History Menu

This category includes:

Alternative names – animals  
Alternative names – birds  
Alternative names – plants  
Animal names  – names of males & females, juveniles, and homes; and adjectives
Biology  – scientific terms, most of which apply to both plants and animals
Botany  – scientific terms
Families  – e.g. What family does such and such a creature belong to?
Fishes etc.  – 'etc.' being other things that live underwater
Insects  – including spiders!  Yes, I know ... 
Latin names - animals  – mammals, birds, insects, fishes, etc., etc.
Latin names – plants  – including fungi 
Superlatives  – e.g. What's the world's largest rodent?
Taxonomy  – scientific names for various groupings of plants and animals
Types  – e.g. What type of creature is a ...
Uniques  – e.g. What's the only animal that ...
Zoology  – scientific terms

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