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Government Menu


The British Parliament   history, procedures etc.; includes Constituencies, by city and by members
The Cabinet  – current members of the Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet 
General  – including Positions, Acts of Parliament and Elections 
The "Great Offices of State"  – Home Secretaries, Foreign Secretaries, and Chancellors of the Exchequer (since 1945) 
Members of Parliament  – questions about individual MPs (including Speakers) 
Nationalisation  – timeline of nationalisation in the UK 
Party Leaders  – leaders of major British political parties, past and present 
Prime Ministers: Classified  – basic details
Prime Ministers: Details  – specific facts about individual prime ministers 
Reports and Committees   including one or two non-UK ones


Presidents: Classified  – dates and numbers, full names, vice-presidents, election opponents and their running mates
Presidents: Details  – specific facts about individual presidents


General  – everywhere except the UK and USA 
National Leaders  – of countries other than the UK or USA 
Parliaments  – mainly about the names of parliaments, and their houses, in various countries 

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