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Cricket Football The Olympics Racing


American Football – see also Super Bowl (below) 
Boxing - history  
Boxing - rules – mainly about the different weight divisions 
Sports Broadcasting a 'timeline' of firsts, and questions about sports broadcasters
Commonwealth Games – a list of the tournaments, with venues and titles 
Darts – yes, it's a sport.  So there. 
First Held – when was (this event) first held? 
Golf – history – players, tournaments and courses 
Golf – rules – and equipment 
Motor Racing – including motor cycling 
Other Sports – those that don't have their own pages
Parallel Sports – including the Paralympics 
Rugby League  
Rugby Union  
Rules – including playing times, points to win games, and playing areas 
Snooker – and yes, snooker is a sport as well
Sports People – mainly biographical details
SPOTY – winners (and runners-up) in the BBC Sports Personality of the Year contest
Super Bowl History – results, venues and performers
Super Bowl Records – of the 32 NFL teams
Teams – how many players are there in a ... team? 
Which Sport? – questions where the answer is the name of a sport – but see also Trophies
Winners – a table (spreadsheet) of winners of selected annual sporting events 

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