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Yes, I know the whole site is about General Knowledge - but this category is even more general than the others.  It covers:

Advertising  - slogans, etc.
Ages and the Law  - at what age can you ... ?
Aristocracy: miscellaneous  - stuff about the aristocracy, that doesn't come under The Landed Gentry, Peerages, or Dukedoms
Armed Forces  
Armour  - mainly, "Which part of the body is protected by the ... ?" 
Ceremonies and Officials  
Clothes and Fashion  
Clothing Care  - what do all those symbols on clothing care labels mean? 
Collective Nouns  - a contentious subject in quizzes - treated as peremptorily as I dare
Colours  - primary colours, etc.
Computers  - non-scientific stuff about computers
Crafts  - including materials, etc. 
Customs - UK  
Customs - other  - including martial arts 
Days of the Week  - about their names in various languages, and who or what they're named after 
Designers  - see also Architects, Clothes and Fashion
Dogs  - breeds, real life dogs, fictional dogs, etc. 
Domestic animals  - questions about animals (including birds, etc.) that don't come under Natural History.  But see also Dogs and Horses 
Dukedoms  - brief histories of some of the more prominent British dukedoms 
The EU and the Eurozone  - which countries are members of which (and which aren't) 
Flags  - including the Union Jack, the British Royal Standard, etc. 
Inscriptions  - including epitaphs (etc.) 
Inventions and Discoveries  
Jobs  - e.g. "What did a fletcher make"?
The Landed Gentry  - e.g. "What is the family name of the Dukes of Marlborough?" 
Letters  - letters of the alphabet, including all alphabets (particularly the Greek one) 
Medals and Honours  
Mileages  - how far is it from ... to ... ? (also in kilometres!)
Nicknames of Places and Things  
Nobel Prizes  
Ologies  - e.g. "What is aetiology the study of?"
Peerages  - what title was adopted by ... ?
Perfumes  - which fashion house produces (such-and-such a perfume)? 
Pets  - animals that have names, and aren't dogs or horses 
Phobias  - see Collective Nouns, above (the same comment applies)
Plants (domesticated)  - mainly about plants that are used for food or other purposes 
Precious Metals  
Publishing  - including newspapers, etc. 
Roman Numerals  
Royal Dates  - significant dates for the British royal family 
The Royal Family  
St. George  
Sets  - e.g. who were the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? 
Stamps  - postage stamps, that is 
Superlatives  - the first, last, biggest, oldest, etc. ... of various things
Types  - what are ... types of? 
Unclassifiable  - some questions just don't fit into my system! 

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