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If you like my website, and/or if you've found it useful, please consider making a small donation to my Just Giving page, which I've set up just for this purpose. To begin with I'm collecting for a charity whose work I have benefitted from myself (and continue to do so): the British Heart Foundation. It would be great to raise £100 in the first month.

If you have already donated ... Thank You!

Welcome to the Quiz Monkey website

Are you looking for the answers to some questions? Do you need inspiration because you've got a quiz to set? Or maybe you just want to brush up on your general knowledge?

The Quiz Monkey is here to help!

Mind you ... when he says he wants to help you find the answers to questions, he doesn't mean by looking them up on your iPhone while you're actually taking part in a quiz. THAT'S CHEATING!

(I am aware that this website doesn't currently work very well on phones and tablets. I apologise for this, but it's been designed to work on a full–sized computer screen. One of these days ... )

This website is a work in progress. It'll never be finished, because things happen every day and give rise to new quiz questions. But I know lots of things are out of date, and there are things I plan to do to make the website better ... when I get the chance. Keep visiting!

I would love to hear your comments on my site, whether critical or otherwise. Please feel free to email me:

The Questions

To get straight on with the main question collection, click one of the links in the menu at the top of this page. This menu is available from every page in the site.

The latest additions to the site are collected under Latest Questions in the About This Website menu at the left–hand side of this page. This feature is updated weekly (in theory ... )

Begging Bowl

The Quiz Monkey is a free resource. I'm not personally after your money, and I expect that like me, you hate adverts on the Internet. But I put a lot of work into these pages, and I'd like to think that something worthwhile can come out of it. So: if you like my website, and/or have found it useful, please consider making a small donation to my Just Giving page. I'm collecting for the British Heart Foundation, whose work has been of direct benefit to me personally.

More Information

To find out more about this website, click one of the other links in the About This Website menu. (This menu is not available from the main content pages.)

Happy quizzing!

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