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Language Menu

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There is one further menu in the Language category:



Adjectives – Meanings and Definitions of adjectives
American English – words where American usage differs from British
Anagrams – some amusing anagrams that come up in quizzes from time to time
Australian slang  - a.k.a. Strine 
Definitions – which word means ... ? (cf. Meanings and Adjectives)
Figures of speech  
Foreign words and phrases – what they mean in English
Foreign words and phrases - miscellaneous – more general things about non-English words and phrases
Languages – things about languages
Meanings – what does this word mean? (cf. Definitions and Adjectives)
Military terms  
Nautical terms  
Orthography – printers' marks, alphabets, etc.
Phrases and sayings – things about English phrases and sayings (e.g. where they originate)
Prefixes and suffixes – definitions and examples
Rhyming slang – no longer the exclusive preserve of the Cockneys! 
Slang – various types of English slang
Source Languages – which language did various English words originate in?
Spelling – some tricky words that might come up in quizzes
Words - other – things about words that don't fit anywhere else!

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