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Borders  - e.g. Which parallel forms the border between the USA and Canada?
Coastal Features  - coasts, peninsulas, etc. 
Counties  - of the UK and Ireland
Demonyms  - terms used to denote where someone, or something, comes from
Extremities  - e.g. What's the most northerly point of the British mainland?
Features  - various geographical features that don't fit in anywhere else
Map Symbols  - symbols and abbreviations used on UK Ordnance Survey maps 
National Flags  - by country (not including the Union Jack!) 
Overseas Territories  - of the UK, France and the Netherlands 
Physical Geography
Place Names  - terms that commonly occur in (British) place names, and their meanings 
Places: Rest of the World  - places outside the UK, that aren't covered anywhere else (e.g. in Countries, States, or Towns and Cities)
Places: United Kingdom  - places in the United Kingdom, that aren't covered anywhere else (e.g. in Counties or Towns and Cities)
Populations  - including the world's largest and smallest countries, and its largest cities
Rivers – longest  - what's the longest river in ... ?
Roman names  - Roman names of various cities, countries, etc.
Seas  - including coastal features (bays, gulfs, peninsulas, etc.)
Straits  - e.g. Which body of water separates Sri Lanka from India?

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