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People in History, and People in the News

People in History Menu (including People in the News)

This category is about people in history that don't fit into any other category (other categories including Kings & Queens, national leaders, members of parliament, clergymen, etc.)

When it comes to more recent times, I feel it's necessary to make a distinction between people in history and people in the news.  Basically, the former are people whose place in history I feel is assured; the latter are people whose fame will, in my humble opinion, prove to be fleeting (but who will keep cropping up in quizzes for some time yet!).

Incidents that involve people who have a place in history, but are themselves relatively trivial and/or particularly newsworthy (e.g. John Prescott sticking one on a member of the public) are classed as News.

The sub–categories I've chosen are:

Before 1500  
1500s  – the sixteenth century 
1600s  – the seventeenth century 
1700s  – the eighteenth century 
1800s  – the nineteenth century 
1900 to 1945  – the twentieth century, up to the end of World War II 
After 1945  
People in the News: before 1990  
People in the News: 1990s  
People in the News: 2000s  
People in the News: 2010s  
People in the News: 2020s  

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