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England and Great Britain

Kings and Queens Menu

England and Great Britain

The pages in this section are about the Kings and Queens of England up to 1603, and of Great Britain after that year.

Battles  – which king (of England) won (or lost) the battle of ... ?
Before 1066  – the House of Wessex and the Danish invaders
Classified  – a chronological list, starting in 1066, with dates etc.
Length of Reign  
Miscellaneous  – random facts on English and British kings and queens since 1066
Nicknames  – and soubriquets (including the Cromwells)


Ancient  – kings and queens of the ancient and Mediaeval world – up to about 1000 CE
Mary, Queen of Scots  – a page dedicated to one of the most colourful characters in British history 
Modern Europe  – kings and queens of continental Europe – i.e. not including the British Isles – since the Middle Ages.  But also not including France, or Turkey!
Modern non-European  – kings and queens of countries outside Europe (including Turkey!), since the Middle Ages  
Ruling Houses and Dynasties  
Scotland  – kings and queens of Scotland, from Kenneth I (843–858) to James VI (1567–1625); see also Mary, Queen of Scots
Tsars of Russia  

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