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Literature Menu

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Authors - who wrote which book? Shakespeare


Literary Awards  – the Booker, the Pulitzers ... etc.
Characters  – typically "In which book did ... first appear?" 
Character details  – more detailed questions about fictional characters 
Children's (general)  – children's literature (general) 
Children's (titles and characters)  – questions where to give the name of the author and/or title would give it away (typically because the answer is the title or the name of a leading character) 
Creators  – e.g. "Who created the character ... ?" 
Crime Fiction  
Mr. Men and Little Misses  – complete with pictures! 
Playwrights  – who wrote which play? 
Poems  – specific quotations from poetry.  Who wrote these lines, or which poem do they come from 
Poetry  – including poetical terminology, poems themselves (and collections of poetry), and the details of the words of poems 
Poets  – who wrote what poem - and poets laureate 
Quotations  – from literature
Settings  – in which (town, city, etc.) is ... set? 
Timeline  – a selection of milestones in publishing history 
Titles  – questions where the answer is the title of a book (etc.) 
Writers  – largely biographical details, not directly about their works 

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