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Film Roles


Animals in films  – Cheetah, Lassie, etc. 
Biopics  – and other fact-based films 
British Comedies  – including Ealing, Carry On, the Pink Panther, St. Trinian's 
Debuts (and final bows)  – stars' first and last films 
General  – questions about films that don't fit in to any other section – or questions about particular films that recur on a regular basis 
History  – of films 
The Film Industry  – including studios, producers, production tools, and film festivals
Marvel  – the Marvel Cinematic Universe 
Film Music  
Oscars: Details  – the most quizzable Oscars facts
Oscars: Summary  – the most successful films, by year – every year
Film Quotes  
Sequels  – and Prequels 
Film Songs  – which film featured (this song)?
Source Writers  – who wrote the book on which (this film) was based?  (see also Writers)
Film Stars  – which film star appeared in (these films)? 
Titles  – questions where the answer is the title of a film 

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