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Entertainment Menu

This category covers the following subjects:

Actors  – things about actors, that aren't directly related to individual films, TV programmes etc.
James Bond  – books and movies
Animated Cartoons  
Cartoons  – strip cartoons, more or less aimed at adults.  Includes Asterix, Tintin, etc.
Characters  – characters created and portrayed by popular entertainers (e.g. Alan Partridge / Steve Coogan)
Entertainers  – Puppets, Ventriloquists, Magicians, etc.
Fairy Tales, etc.  – including nursery rhymes, folk tales and folklore
Harry Potter  
Signature Tunes  – of musicians and other entertainers 
The Simpsons  
Superheroes  – see also The Marvel Cinematic Universe
Tolkien  – including (obviously) The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings 
UK comics  – everything you need to know about the Beano, Dandy etc.

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