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Quiz Books

The metaphor of dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants surely applies as much to the collecting of quiz questions as to anything else.

Some of the books listed below have been on my shelves for many years, and I have no idea how many of them are still in print. For legal reasons I do not confess to pinching questions from any of them; let's just say that they've all given me some ideas, and I am grateful to them all.

But why would anyone publish books of quiz questions, unless they expect other people to use them?

The first two are similar collections to my own: i.e. they don't contain questions as such, but aim to provide a comprehensive set of quiz–type facts:

Hensman, Jim: Pears Ultimate Quiz Companion (Pelham Books, 1989)
Montague, Trevor: The Daily Telegraph A to Z of (almost) Everything (Little, Brown, 2001)

[Anonymous]: 250 Pub Quizzes (Parragon Books, 2006)
[Anonymous]: Pub Quiz 2 (Collins, 2008)
Gentle, David: On the Tip of My Tongue (Bloomsbury, 2007 – paperback edition 2009)
Donald, Sue & Graeme: The Pocket Book of Pub Quizzes (Pocket Books, 1995)
[The Economist]: Game Query – The Mind Stretching Economist Quiz (The Economist, 2017]
Quiz Masters of Great Britain: The New Pub League Quiz Book, Vols 1–4 (Foulsham, 1988-92)
Smith, John: How to Win Any Pub Quiz (Guinness Superlatives, 1993)
Thomas, Ranjit: Quizzing: the Ultimate Trivia Book (Writers Club Press, 2000)
[Travis, Dave Lee – introduced by]: The Ultimate Pub Quiz Book (Mirror Books, 1994)

Several pages on this website refer to the following book, which doesn't actually include many questions but is a rich source of mnemonics that might help us to answer them:

Parkinson, Judy: i before e (except after c) (Michael O'Mara Books Ltd., 2007)

Finally: two that are not primarily sources of questions, but entertaining looks at the world of quizzing and (the first one at least) one man's experience therein:

Berkmann, Marcus: Brain Men: a Passion to Compete (Little, Brown, 1999)
Connor, Alan: The Joy of Quiz (Penguin Random House, 2016)

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