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13 February 2012

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Latest Questions: 13 February 2012

Which film starred Robert de Niro as an ex-marine called Travis Bickle? Taxi Driver
What was the title of the 1987 Oscar-winning biopic which was based on the autobiography of Aisin-Gioro Puyi? The Last Emperor
Which 1965 film starred Terence Stamp and Samantha Eggar, and was based on the novel of the same title by John Fowles? The Collector
Which 1980 film stars Richard Gere as a male prostitute who is framed for murder? American Gigolo
Which 1976 film stars David Bowie as an alien who crash lands on Earth? The Man who Fell to Earth
Which 1983 film stars Al Pacino as Tony Montana, a Cuban immigrant to Miami? Scarface
Which 1998 film stars Robert Redford as an animal trainer who helps a teenager (played by Scarlett Johanssen) and her horse recover from a tragic accident? The Horse Whisperer
How have Ruth Watson and Alex Polizzi (in turn) become known in the title of a Channel 5 TV series? The Hotel Inspector
Who was the sixth and youngest child of George V and Queen Mary, who died in 1919, aged 13, after a severe epileptic fit? Prince John
Who was the mistress of Edward VII (1898-1910), and great-grandmother of the Duchess of Cornwall? Alice Keppel

Even more interesting is that Alice Keppel is also the great-great-aunt of Millionaire and Egghead Judith Keppel.  Judith and Camilla are third cousins - they are both great-great-granddaughters of William Keppel, 7th Earl of Albermarle.  He was Alice Keppel's father-in-law; Judith's father was the second son of the 9th Earl.

Which royal palace was the birthplace of both King Richard I and King John, and gave its name to the street where the Ashmolean Museum now stands? Beaumont Palace

Beaumont Palace was remanded to the Carmelites by Edward II in 1318, in thanks for his safe escape after defeat at Bannockburn.  It was demolished in the Reformation, and most of the material was used in Christ's College and St. John's College.

Who succeeded to the English throne in 1216, aged 9, under the regency of William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke (also known as William the Marshal)? Henry III

Hubert de Burgh, 1st Earl of Kent, was also influential during the reigns of Henry III and his father, King John.

In which US city are Rampart Street, Basin Street, and the Jackson Square National Historic Park? New Orleans

Beware - other US cities have Jackson Squares, including San Francisco, New York, and of course Jackson, Mississippi.

In which Asian city are Chaupati (or Chowpatty) Beach, and the Dhobi Ghat - said to be the world's largest open-air laundry? Mumbai (Bombay)
In which city are La Malecón (the Jetty - pronounced mal-ay-CON), and the Tropicana nightclub? Havana
In which Asian city are Nanjing Road (one of the world's busiest shopping streets), The Bund (a famous waterfront area), and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower? Shanghai
In which US city are Mulholland Drive (an exclusive residential street), Kodak Theatre (home of the Oscars since 2002), and the beachfront area of Venice? Los Angeles
In which European city are the Potsdamer Platz, Unter den Linden (a tree-lined boulevard), and the Kurfürstendamm (a famous avenue, known locally as Ku'damm)? Berlin
Which reproduction technique, invented in 1861 by the French chemist Alphonse Louis Poitevin, was traditionally used for architectural and engineering designs - its name now used colloquially for any detailed plan? Blueprint
Whose most famous film role, played in two films of the late 1970s, was a character named Fontaine Khaled? Joan Collins

The films were The Stud (1978) and The Bitch (1979).

Which famous writer left his wife Catherine, after 22 years of marriage, to form a relationship with Ellen Ternan, an actress 27 years his junior? Charles Dickens

The exact nature of that relationship is the subject of much conjecture ...

Kalika Moquin, Rachel Uchitel, Loredana Jolie Ferriolo, Raychel Coudriet and Jaimee Grubbs are among 120 women who have been "associated" with which famous sportsman? Tiger Woods
Rosamund Clifford - known as "the Fair Rosamund" - was a mistress of which English king? Henry II
What is the name of Boeing's "most fuel-efficient airliner", introduced in October 2011? 787 Dreamliner
Which US-based multinational food production company bought Cadbury in 2010? Kraft Foods
What is Oxford University's newest college, formed in 2008 by the merger of two existing colleges that were founded 1979 and 1969 respectively (and combining their names in its own)? Green Templeton College
What is the name of the Sussex estate of the Dukes of Richmond, where Rolls-Royce cars have been built since 2003 when BMW bought the rights to the Rolls-Royce Cars name? Goodwood
Which television series for pre-school children features characters called Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy and Makka Pakka? In the Night Garden
What was the title of Lionel Bart's disastrous musical based on the legend of Robin Hood - lasting only 43 performances after its premiere in London's West End in December 1965? Twang!!
Which band went straight to number one in 1996 with Spaceman? Babylon Zoo
Which character in a popular TV comedy drama series gave us the term "'er indoors" in reference to his wife? Arthur Daley (in Minder)
Who was the youngest of the six famous Mitford sisters, and is the only one still alive, being the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire? Deborah
In the Harry Potter stories, what is the name of the only known bank in the wizarding world? Gringotts
What word can mean a type of sailing vessel or a type of drinking glass? Schooner
What word can mean a type of footwear or a type of snake? Moccasin
In which country are Banff, Fundy and Jasper National Parks? Canada
What is the principal use of calcium nitrate? Fertiliser
Which Buckinghamshire village gave its name to the hospital that includes the National Spinal Injuries Centre, where Sir Ludwig Guttmann carried out the pioneering rehabilitation work that led to the development of the Paralympic Games? Stoke Mandeville
Which play resulted from a night spent stranded at Mangotsfield railway station, near Bristol, in 1923, and gave its name to a fairground ride that first opened at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in 1930? The Ghost Train
Which Derbyshire town is overlooked by Riber Castle, built in 1862, which was home to a controversial wildlife park from 1960 to 2000? Matlock
Which play by Samuel Beckett features a master who cannot stand up and a servant who cannot sit down? Endgame
What is the common name for the medical condition miliaria rubra? Prickly heat (accept heat rash)
Which TV presenter founded the charity ChildLine in 1986? Esther Rantzen
The pinna is the external or visible part of which organ? The ear
Fado is a generally mournful style of folk music, originating in which country? Portugal
Which country's grands prix (grarn prees) were held between 1948 and 1985 at Zandvoort circuit? The Netherlands
Who was the manager of Celtic Football Club, when they won the European Cup (in 1967)? Jock Stein

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