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26 March 2012

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Latest Questions: 26 March 2012

What name is used for a work of literature that omits a certain letter or letters (most often E, because it's usually the most common)? Lipogram
The only named dog in Shakespeare is Crab, whose owner is Launce, the servant of one of the main characters ... in which play? Two Gentlemen of Verona
To which country does the Bismarck Archipelago, including the islands of New Britain and New Ireland, belong? Papua New Guinea
In which English county is the River Piddle, and the villages of Puddletown, Tolpuddle, Piddlehinton, Piddletrenthide, Affpuddle, Briantspuddle, and Turnerspuddle (all of which it flows through)? Dorset
Which english river is crossed by the Millennium Bridge, which famously tilts to allow river traffic through? The Tyne

The Millennium Bridge is a pedestrian bridge that links Newcastle and Gateshead.

Beware - Wikipedia lists 13 Millennium Bridges, including six in England and one in Scotland.  But the Gateshead one is the only one that tilts.

How is the decimal number 13 represented in binary? 1101
Who wrote in 1941, "Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind"? Albert Einstein
At which hospital near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, was the UK's first successful heart transplant performed in 1979? Papworth

The operation was performed by Sir Terence English.

Britain's first ever heart transplant was performed at Marylebone Hospital, London, in 1968.  The patient was Frederick West and he survived for only 49 days (which was 31 days longer than Louis Washkansky, the world's first heart transplant parient).

Britain's longest-surviving heart transplant patient was Gordon Macdonald, who underwent the operation at Papworth in 1980.  He died in 2006, aged 66.

What was the name of the baby elephant that caused havoc in the Blue Peter studio in 1969? Lulu
At which battle of 1346 were cannons first used by English troops? Crecy
What name is used for the Chinese Communist Party's brief initiative of summer 1956 to encourage liberal thought? The Hundred Flowers Campaign

This brief period of liberalism was swiftly followed by a brutal crack-down.

Which mammal is Boudicca said to have released from her skirts, before fighting the Romans, in order to invoke Andraste, the British goddess of victory? A hare
Originally a make, first built in Paris in 1938, what name is used for a small motorised bicycle, used to set the pace in cycling events such as the Keirin? Derny
Who is the only Nobel laureate to appear in Wisden Cricketer's Almanack? Samuel Beckett

He represented Dublin University in two games against Northamptonshire, in the 1920s.

In which German city is Beck's brewery? Bremen
Which brewery has sponsored the Grand National since 2005? John Smith
Who, in a speech to almost half a million people in 1963, said, "As a free man, I take pride in the words 'Ich bin ein Berliner!'" John F. Kennedy

At the height of the Cold War, he was showing solidarity with the people of Berlin and defiance to the Soviet Union.  He didn't know that a berliner was a kind of bread roll!

Who wrote the Second World War history book Band of Brothers - which was filmed for television in 2001? Stephen E. Ambrose
GUM is a famous department store in which European capital city? Moscow
Which area of the City of London is best known for its centuries-old meat market? Smithfield
What is meant by the Latin phrase "compos mentis"? (Of) sound mind
In Desperate Housewives, who plays Gabrielle Solis? Eva Longoria
Which 1992 comedy-drama film starred Geena Davis, Madonna, and Tom Hanks, among others? A League of Their Own
Who has been married to the actress Trudie Styler, since 1992? Sting
Which British entertainer was born Robert Christopher Nankeville in 1958? Bobby Davro
Who has been married to the comedian and writer Jennifer Saunders, since 1985? Adrian Edmondson
In cricket, what is the name of the method of determining the result of rain–affected limited overs games, officially adopted by the ICC in 2001? The Duckworth–Lewis method
Haggis is made from the heart, liver and lungs of a sheep - encased (traditionally) in which organ? The stomach
In which Shakespeare play does the phrase "band of brothers" first appear? Henry V

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