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4 April 2012

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Latest Questions: 2 April 2012

What is England's newest national park - established in April 2010 and spanning parts of Hampshire and Sussex, including Beachy Head? The South Downs
Which popular beauty spot straddles the river Wye and is named after a 17th-century sheriff of Herefordshire? Symonds Yat
What is the largest of Scotland's firths, into which the rivers Ness, Findhorn and Spey flow? The Moray Firth
The bronze David, now in the Bargello, Florence - said to be the first nude statue since ancient times, and the first major work of Renaissance sculpture - is also said to be the most famous work by which sculptor? Donatello
Which long-running television programme uses as its theme tune an extract from At the Castle Gate - the first movement of Sibelius' incidental music to Maeterlinck's play Pelléas et Mélisande? The Sky at Night
Who wrote the music for Billy Elliot the Musical? Elton John
Which term was used in the 19th century for a cheap, sensational form of literature, often published in serial form? Penny dreadful
Which American painter, born in 1930, is best known for Flag, painted in 1955 - a representation of the USA's national flag? Jasper Johns
In astronomy, what does the abbreviation N. E. O. stand for? Near Earth Object
Which city has given its name to the syndrome in which in which hostages come to empathise with their captors - after it happened when a number of bank employees were taken hostage there in 1973? Stockholm
Which building on the Strand, in London, housed the General Register Office for almost 150 years from 1837? Somerset House

It was used by the Inland Revenue (later HMRC) for a while, and now serves as a centre for the visual arts.

The Man of Steel Award - awarded annually since 1977 - honours the outstanding player in which sport? Rugby League
Which football club is referred to in the title of David Peace's 2006 novel The Damned United, and the film that was made of it in 2009? Leeds United
Which snooker player is nicknamed The Thunder from Down Under? Neil Robertson
What is the only racecourse in County Durham? Sedgefield
What is Samuel L. Jackson's middle name? Leroy
What is A. P. McCoy's middle name? Peter
Which US city is nicknamed Beantown? Boston
In the 1978 film Convoy, what was the CB Radio call sign of the central character (played by Kris Kristofferson)? Rubber Duck
Which country is home to the pop group A-ha? Norway
Which Abba song gave its name to Alan Partridge's spoof chat show? Knowing Me, Knowing You
Which Wiltshire town was granted a royal charter (the right to precede its name with 'Royal') in 2011? Wootton Bassett
In the Asterix the Gaul cartoons, what's the name of the Chief of the Gaulish village? Vitalstatistix
Which Texan city's name is Spanish for yellow? Amarillo
Which Bolton Wanderers and England footballer suffered a near-fatal heart attack during an FA Cup game in March 2012? Fabrice Muamba
Which popular phrase is used to denote a hypothetical creature that lies between man and the apes on the evolutionary scale? The Missing Link
In baseball, what is the name of the annual decider between the winners of the US National and American Leagues? World Series
Which musical includes the songs I Dreamed a Dream, Bring Him Home, and Building the Barricades? Les Misérables
Which musical includes the songs Razzle Dazzle, All That Jazz, and Funny Honey? Chicago
What is the dictionary spelling of the word bourgeoisie - meaning the middle classes? BOURGEOISIE
What is the dictionary spelling of the word repertoire - meaning one's range of skills? REPERTOIRE
In 2005, the International Cricket Council (ICC) moved its headquarters from London to which Middle Eastern city? Dubai
In which European city did James Joyce die? Zurich
Which figure in classical mythology has a name that means "all-giving" or "all-gifted"? Pandora
In Downton Abbey, what is Lord Grantham's family name? Crawley
Who has been the full-time expert in Countdown's Dictionary Corner since 2002? Susie Dent
What is India's third most populous city, nicknamed the Garden City and the centre of the Indian technology industry? Bangalore
Which bird migrates from the Arctic to the Antarctic, giving it by far the longest known migration pattern? The Arctic Tern
In the Church of England, what name is given to the public announcement of a couple's plan to marry, to ensure that the marriage is legal? The Banns
In which field is the Stirling Prize awarded? Architecture
Which village in the West Midlands, near Coventry (formerly in Warwickshire) is traditionally regarded as the centre of England? Meriden

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